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Preventing the Spread of COVID-19


When Winnebago County is at a low or medium COVID-19 Community Level, JRH will not have a general mask requirement. Because that level may change, continue to be prepared to mask when at JRH. (Masks must cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of your face and under the chin.) Our masking policy will be communicated upon arrival at JRH and will remain in place for the duration of the retreat.

Anyone is welcome to mask at any time. Masking is advised for people at high risk of severe illness.


The CDC advises staying up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines. Being up-to-date means a person has received all recommended COVID-19 vaccines, including any booster dose(s) when eligible.

In its commitment to offer the Spiritual Exercises in a safe environment, JRH strongly recommends being fully vaccinated against COVID-19. As Pope Francis says, vaccination is a simple but profound way of caring for each other. Echoing this sentiment, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has stated: "Being vaccinated safely against COVID-19 should be considered an act of love of our neighbor and part of our moral responsibility for the common good."

Social Distancing

The Jesuit Retreat House has resumed whole group gatherings. This includes Masses, reconciliation and healing services, and dining. Our gatherings are planned for fully-vaccinated people and do not ensure social distancing. The CDC recommends social distancing for unvaccinated people and those at increased risk for severe illness, or who live with or spend time with someone at higher risk.

Symptomatic, Exposure, & Positive Tests

People with a current positive test for COVID-19 are asked to stay home and reschedule their retreat for a time when they are certain that they are COVID-free. People with COVID-19 symptoms or recent exposure to someone with COVID-19 must wear a mask when indoors or around others. Please get tested for COVID-19 if you are symptomatic or were recently exposed to COVID-19.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 within 5 days of your retreat, please promptly inform JRH. If a guest or employee contracts COVID-19, JRH will inform retreatants who were exposed.

Additional Precautions

JRH further encourages common health/hygiene practices: wash your hands frequently; use hand sanitizer, especially when entering the serving line for meals and before accessing the snack area; cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze, or use the inside of your elbow; and, if you are sick or feeling ill, please stay home and care for your health.

A basic level of sanitizing will be done on-site by staff. If more is desired, bring the medical and/or sanitizing items you need to feel comfortable and safe during your stay.