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Actual Costs & Offering Levels

Crowd Funding

The actual cost of a one-night stay at the Jesuit Retreat House, including all meals, snacks, private room with ensuite bathroom, and spiritual programming, is approximately $146:

Preached weekend retreat: $440 | 5-day directed retreat: $875 | 8-day directed retreat: $1310 (figures include the deposit amount)

At the end of your retreat, you will receive a letter asking for an offering/donation to cover retreat costs. The letter suggests various offering levels and asks that you give what you can. We have a long tradition of not turning away people because of financial hardship. If you are able to give only a portion of the cost of a retreat, we are grateful for that. If you are able to give more than the cost of a retreat, give what you can. We are grateful for your generosity. By going over and above the actual cost of the retreat, you help share the JRH experience with others less fortunate and help with ongoing improvements to the retreat house so that its ministry continues for years to come.

Various Offering Levels
75% 80% 90% 100% 110% 120% 125%
Weekend Preached Retreat
(incl. 12-Step retreats)
$328 $350 $395 $440 $485 $530 $550
Couples Weekend Retreat $660 $705 $795 $880 $980 $1,055 $1,100
5-Day Summer Retreat $665 $700 $790 $875 $960 $1,050 $1,095
8-Day Summer Retreat $980 $1,050 $1,180 $1,310 $1,440 $1,570 $1,640