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5- & 8-Day Summer Directed Retreat Schedule

The new Manresa Retreatants' Wing and LaStorta Conference Center are open!

The Manresa Wing offers:

  • Fifty (50) space parking lot w/drive-thru portico at main entrance
  • Sixty (60) retreatant rooms with private bathrooms
  • Two (2) quiet lounges overlooking Lake Winnebago
  • One (1) screened in sun-porch overlooking our sacred grounds
  • A contemplative Chapel of the Annunciation
  • Two (2) elevators for easy access to all floors
  • WIFI availability throughout

The LaStorta Conference Center offers:

  • A seventy (70) seat conference room w/WIFI & Bluetooth availability
  • Seven (7) individual spiritual direction rooms with waiting room

Please Note: we accept reservations with the room deposit based upon the date we receive the registration and deposit.

We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa credit cards.

Your confirmation will be emailed after office processing. Please allow 5 business days.

Waiting Lists

Full retreats will have a Waiting List. If the retreat date you wish to attend is currently full, please contact the Jesuit Retreat House Office at (920) 231-9060 or Toll Free (WI ONLY) 800-962-7330 to be added to appropriate Waiting List, or click on the specific Waiting List Link below (if shown) and fill out the Waiting List Form online.


In order to expedite your registration we require all registrants to be logged in. If you do not have an account please first create one. If you already have an account please log in first. The log in area can be found in the top right corner of every page.

Number Date Description Open Slots Director(s) Register
851 May 16 - 22 May 16-22, 2019 TH-WE 5 Day Directed 33 Mrs Jacalyn Cesario
Fr Eugene Donahue , SJ
Mrs Elizabeth Gonwa
Mr Michael Hogan
Sr Susan Kusz , SND
Sr Beatrice Lindsay , CSA CMT (MT)
Sr Mary Dean Pfahler , SND
Ms Betty Schwandt
Fr Thomas Shanahan , SJ
Mr Terry Shaughnessy
Fr Jack Treloar , SJ
852 May 28 - Jun 6 May 28-June 6, 2019 TU-TH 8 Day Directed 21 Mrs Carol Ackels
Sr Colette Baldwin , RSM
Mr David Gross
Sr Susan Kusz , SND
Sr Beatrice Lindsay , CSA CMT (MT)
Fr Chris Manahan , SJ
Ms Catherine Melesky Dante
Fr John Schwantes , SJ
Ms Susan Stabile
Fr Robert Tillman , SJ
Fr Jack Treloar , SJ
853 Jun 19 - 28 June 19-28, 2019 WE-FR 8 Day Directed 23 Ms Mary Fratto (MT)
Mrs Marykay Haas
Mrs Maureen Kuhn
Fr Chris Manahan , SJ
Sr Joan McCarthy , CSJ
Sr Martha Meyer , SSND
Ms Judith Miller
Ms Christine Moroni
Fr Jeff Putthoff , SJ
Fr Kevin Schneider , SJ
854 Jul 2 - 11 July 2-11, 2019 TU-TH 8 Day Directed Wait List Ms Dee Bernhardt
Sr Elise Cholewinski , OSF
Mrs Patricia DeGroot
Fr James Dixon , SJ
Sr Rhea Emmer , CSA
Ms Debra Hamm
Sr Betty Jean Haverback , OSF CMT (MT)
Fr Matthew Linn , SJ
Fr Chris Manahan , SJ
Mrs Lynn Ann Reesman
Fr David Shields , SJ
Waiting List
855 Jul 13 - 19 July 13-19, 2019 SA-FR 5 Day Directed 17 Mrs Sharon Bramante
Sr Josephine Braun , CSA CMT (MT)
Sr Joyce Diltz , PHJC
Fr Eugene Donahue , SJ
Fr James Donovan
Mrs Diane Jorgensen
Sr Patricia Kieler , SDS
Fr Jeffrey LaBelle , SJ
Fr Chris Manahan , SJ
Ms Maureen Martin
Mr John Smith
856 Aug 29 - Sep 4 Aug 29-Sept 4, 2019 TH-WE 5 Day Directed 16 Sr Josephine Braun , CSA CMT (MT)
Fr Eugene Donahue , SJ
Mr. Michael Heimbach
Sr Ann Kelley , OSF
Mrs Jane King
Sr Susan Kusz , SND
Dr Mary Jo Lewis
Fr James Radde , SJ
Sr Susan Seeby , CSA
Fr Thomas Sweetser , SJ
Mr Damian Torres-Botello , SJ
Fr Jack Treloar , SJ